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Hafiz quote

How I work

One of the main things that inspires me to continue doing what I do is summed up perfectly by the above quote. Many people who come to see me are not feeling at their best and are often at a cross-road in their life. I see a lot of self-doubt, low confidence and negative inner dialogue going on within. When I get my hands on to begin a treatment I am immediately able to communicate with my clients energy body. A communication begins where all the above issues appear only as slight barriers or blocks that are simply not allowing the energy to flow effortlessly.

My main aim initially is to establish a relationship with my clients energy and to encourage my client into a meditative state which allows for a gentle opening of the subconscious mind. From this level I am able to communicate with my clients energy and establish some feedback about what my client is currently presenting on an energetic level. This feedback ranges from levels of emotions, to current personal situations and often to things that are being held onto that need to be released. The techniques I use to develop this communication are drawn from all the training i have undertaken in the last 13 years including; Reiki, massage, chakra balancing, sound therapy, pranayama, crystal healing and meditation techniques (to name a few).

As the client falls deeper into the meditative state, some experience significant thoughts, images, feelings or colours. I encourage these to be acknowledged but not elaborated on to allow space fore release and further insight to come forward.

Within these treatments, I am always inspired by the level of energetic potential that is sitting just underneath the surface longing to be freed. The freedom comes from observing the blocks, working on the imbalances and committing to an ongoing trust with ones intuition.

Once the hands on treatment is complete we then create space for some safe and open discussion. A time to reflect and share our combined experience and to make sense of their place within this very practical world. Often clients will follow on with further coaching and energy work to continue this exploration.

My Journey

My belief and commitment to healing and personal growth is prevalent within my work and personal life. As a result, I have invested my energy and passion into a career of facilitating healing and personal growth for practicing therapists and the general public.

My business ventures


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Facebook comment from a wonderful soul and client of mine:

“Kirsty Kianfiard is one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever met since strolling our planet! The knowledge she possess as a coach is a great contribution to all the treatments she offers, as she knows how to combine the 2 to give you an overall renewal! I recommend her to those seeking for physical and mental relief and are open to spirituality and beauty in life! Thank you for being such a wonderful soul, a mother and a friend to all of us.” Jessy LaFleur



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