Chakra Course

This seven week course takes you on a journey through one chakra a week. Beginning at the root and working our way to the crown, we will get to know the beauty of each energy centre and the influence they have on our lives. We will explore techniques and tools that will help us understand where we need more balance and the action needed to get there.

Each one hour session will include meditations and open discussions.

Next workshop:  

Wednesday 28 March
Time:  10am – 11am

Price:  £70

 ‘I found Kirsty’s ‘Journey Through the Seven Chakras’ to be a very special experience. The course is set in a beautifully relaxing environment and provides a space from day-to-day life to reflect on what makes us tick. I learnt a huge amount about myself, my strengths and weaknesses as well as tools to really make a difference to my life in a positive way. Kirsty’s knowledge and passion about how to achieve balance and happiness in life is hugely inspiring – I can’t recommend the course highly enough’ Janice, Hove

If you have any questions regarding this workshop please leave your message in the comments below or contact Kirsty directly.

Venue details:

All workshops will be held on site at Uniquely Organic EcoSpa, 40 Church Rd, Hove, BN3 2FN ( The tranquil ambience of the spa and its chakra themed space are the perfect environment for tuning into the Chakra energy.



25 Comments on “Chakra Course

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  11. Would I be able to do the workshop, with some mobility difficulties. I can walk, but not far, and sitting or standing for very long causes me pain. If I can move about I can manage.

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