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My coaching practice originally evolved out of my body and energy work as many of my clients were seeking a practical approach to their physical or energetic blocks. It is my belief that everyone could benefit from having a coach in their lives whether it be to discuss new business ideas, aquire guidance for spiritual growth or simply to work through some unhealthy thought patterns.

My coaching approach is infused with spirit, energy work, meditation and intuitive guidance. I have worked with many spiritual and influential teachers over the years and travel extensively to absorb more wisdom and inspiration from those who inspire my work. You can follow this journey on my blog.

My coaching programmes have been designed to acknowledge all levels of our energy body which therefore emcompass all experiences of our physical lives. My advice for choosing your programme is to start where you are drawn to, right now, at this present moment. Reassure yourself, know that you cannot choose the ‘wrong’ one. Once we start working together we will naturally evolve your programme to support the natural ebb and flow of life.

“Nothing around you is still. Everything is constantly moving, swaying, flowing. A flow of constant change, changing every moment from the last. By the time you finish this, both you and the world will be different.

Anodea Judith, Wheels of Life


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