When time stands still …

Something that never ceases to amaze me is the many forms that love takes. The more and more I get connected to my inner guide the more things seem to touch my heart in the most unexpected places. I sometimes even find myself on the verge of tears when a true act of love, selflessness and devotion is present.

For me, this intense and overwhelming connection to love, which quite literally fills my entire body and soul, is what life is really about. This feeling connects me to spirit and affirms that in that moment I am on the right path and learning more about what love hands in the sunit is to love.

And what have I learnt most? That I still have SO much to learn. There are some truly mind-blowing people out there whose love they share on an unbelievable scale which has no boundaries and is entirely selfless.

It comforts me to know that this level of love is out there and I will continue to add my offering to the infinite possibilities that love can bring, how about you? What is it that moves you and makes time stand still?

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic so leave any comments and questions below.

Love and gratitude,

Kirsty x


Are you busy being or just being busy?

I had a long discussion with a client the other day about how a lot of people seem to be in competition with one another to be the busiest. It almost seems that how busy we are is a measurement of success, commitment and purpose in the world. Truth is, most people who are saying “I’m just too busy” are not doing the things that make them happy and often feel overwhelmed by everything going on around them.

The things that often end up getting pushed down the priority line due to being busy is quality time. Quality time with your lover, quality time with your family, quality time with your friends and most importantly quality time with yourself.

You see, neglect in all of these areas can lead to cracks in your support foundation and these cracks can surface as physical or emotional disease.

Spending your life chasing your tail and never stopping to check-in with what really matters in your life is such a waste of this life you have been given. A life where we can feel joy, share laughter and feel what it is like to be loved and give love.

Have you ever felt lonely, rejected of unloved? Petty horrible huh? Is there anyone in your life who might be feeling this way because you’re just sooooooo busy? Are you feeling like this because you haven’t made time to love and nurture your own soul?

Approaching everything in your life from a place of peace, presence and sincerity and actually showing up to your life rather than just taking part is where true happiness and success can grow.

Decide today to dedicate just one hour a day for 30 days to you, you choose if that is spent alone or in the company of someone you love. Indulge in this whole hour to nurture relationships, your mind and your body and watch all the areas of your life expand with new possibilities as your priorities shift.


Love and beauty,

Kirsty x

The Tennis Racquet Theory

Through working one to one with a client recently I developed the ‘tennis racquet’ theory to represent the gathering of excuses through her life and how she was using this to shield herself from future possibilities. It proved useful to her so I wanted to share it with you here.

Have you ever heard yourself projecting how bad you are going to be at something before you have even tried it? Or, have you used an excuse to get out of doing something because you are fearful of it? Have you ever considered that by doing this you are closing the door of opportunity right in your face?

So, here’s the theory …

You have all seen a tennis racquet, right? Well if not, just check out the bottom of this post 🙂
Now, you see all the strings, imagine that each string is an excuse that you have used at some point in your life. The more excuses you have, the denser and more efficient this ‘tennis-racquet-exscuse-machine’ becomes. Next, imagine the tennis balls as opportunities that are coming a-knocking. If you are a pro excuse player, you will send that opportunity ball flying as you hit it with your perfectly crafted excuse racquet and then lay in wait for the next opportunity so you can polish your skills.

This may seem a little silly but visualising the impact fear and excuses can have on your life could be just what you need to step into and own your true potential.

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure” Joseph Campbell

Next time you find yourself reaching for the excuses, imagine taking a leap of faith and actually embracing and hey, why not, actually enjoy it! You never know where it might lead.

What your biggest excuse? Lack of time, not enough money, not experienced enough, not deserving? Lets get a convo going and see if we can’t beat these excuses. Game, set, match to opportunities!


Are you repeating the same message?

“It’s so infuriating, they just don’t understand!” … Ever hear yourself saying this? Feel like your arguing over the same thing time and time again? You thought the last time you had made some progress only to find yourself having the same heated discussion only days or weeks later?

You start amplifying this issue in your mind until it begins to creep into all areas of your life and you can’t think about anything else!


Stop yourself in your tracks the next time you hear yourself embarking on this ‘landmine’, whether in your head or out loud, and think … Maybe if they aren’t getting the message, I should change the message?

But how can you change the message when this is what’s not getting through? How? By really looking at the message you are trying to get across and realising the only reason it is making you feel this way is because of the importance you have placed upon it.

How does it feel to realise that actually this message is far more about an insecurity of yours that is surfacing than anything to do with the other person.

You think that by the other person changing or the situation altering that you will feel better? Guess what … You won’t. You will just find something else that brings out this reaction in you until you confront the underlying issue.

So … Next time you feel that blood boiling, remove yourself from the situation, sit in peace and send love and forgiveness to everyone involved then repeat this mantra:

“I accept and love myself for all that I am, I release all negative thought patterns about ……… (Fill in the blank) and I set myself free”.

Now, notice the changes this has. Do you feel lighter? Do you feel like you have just set your spirit free?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this topic so leave a comment or question below.

Lots of free spirited love,



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