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PART ONE - Find it!

I am bursting with excitement to finally be able to share with you a new project I been working on. Today we launch the first video in our brand new series called ‘Who Are You?’

This weeks episode – ‘Find It’ – is all about connecting to your true self! Sometimes we get swept up in the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’ and get lost somewhere along the way. This video includes a meditation and practical exercises that aim to help you get back in touch with your own, unique and beautiful self. So what are you waiting for, go and indulge in some essential self-love now!

In next week’s episode we will be looking at ‘Feeling It’ – getting to know what it feels like to be living from a place of full truth and authenticity. So keep your eyes peeled and inboxes primed next Tuesday for your second instalment.

Wishing you health and happiness,

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Violet Flame Meditation


It’s here! I have just uploaded my Violet Flame meditation to YouTube and it is ready for you to dive straight on into. I am really excited to see what you all get from this meditation as it is an incredibly powerful practice.

So here is a little info about the Violet Flame meditation and what you can expect.

  • The Violet Flame is a higher, spiritual energy that helps to burn through blocks and release deeply rooted issues
  • The violet light is at the highest frequency in the visible spectrum. It was always believed to be a transformational colour connected to the spiritual realm.
  • Traditionally it was believed that the colour violet would only appear to the most enlightened beings during meditation
  • The energy of the violet light has been pulled on in many ancient texts as a healing tool
  • The Violet Flame practice is said to be able to transmute negative energy into positive and therefore offer a deeper level of transformation

Be mindful when practicing this meditation and, as I say in the video, make sure you allow more time than usual at the end of your meditation before you go rushing off back to the external world!

Love and violet light,

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If you connect with this meditation and want to explore what has come up in more depth, check out my  Let’s Be Guided package. In this five week coaching programme we look at ways to develop your spiritual practice, learning to trust in life and follow your intuitive voice and ultimately how to achieve a clearer and more aware state of mind. Click on the lightbulb to enquire!

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Next Chakra Workshop is on a WEDNESDAY!

Due to popular demand, the next ‘Journey Through the Seven Chakras’ course will be held on a Wednesday evening from 7pm – 8pm.

The new dates have just been released and will be:

Wednesday 12 October – Wednesday 23 November

7pm – 8pm


Those of you on the waiting list for the course starting today will be called by one of our team to secure your place for the October course.

chakra course book now

For those of you not sure what this course is all about, come and check out my video …

Love and balance,

 Kirsty x

Chakra Balancing Meditation

I have been doing Chakra work for over 10 years and it is my firm belief that working with energy system not only promotes good health and wellbeing but also has a huge influence on your interactions with life.

Getting to know your energy body, and even better knowing how to rebalance it, gives you an invaluable tool on your personal healing journey.

Here is a meditation I use a lot within my workshops and 1:1 coaching practice. Allow yourself to play with this meditation and notice how differently you feel each time you practice it.

Kirsty x

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